Civil Service Institute Welcomes Private Partner Training Institutions. (left to right) Commissioner Robert S. Martinez, Jocelyn R Pick, Commissioner Nieves L. Osorio and CSI Executive Director Agnes Padilla during the Awarding ceremony

May 26, 2014 – Profiles Asia Pacific Inc. earned accreditation as an official partner institution in Human Resources and Organizational Development for the Civil Service Institute. The accreditation makes us an official partner towards the synchronized effort of being the country’s leading center of excellence for strategic Human Resources and Operational Development in 2015, throughout Southeast Asia by 2022 and in all of Asia by 2030.

The implications of such a partnership with the Civil Service Institute is an honour and responsibility. Together, Profiles Asia Pacific Inc. and other institutions will work with the Civil Service Institute to engage, enable, empower and energize Filipino servant heroes using quality training programs and cutting-edge technology, with master trainers and experts.

Profiles Asia Pacific was selected among a talented array of select private training institutions to attend the awarding and accreditation ceremony that recognized the quality training service and consultation provided to the Civil Service Institute.

“We cannot afford to not partner with you,” Chairman Francisco T. Duque III said about sourcing private training institutions to build a solid public-private partnership in the name of integrity and public service excellence.

This has been a significant step towards distinguishing the quality and efforts of Profiles Asia Pacific Inc. concerning human capital and organizational development. It is truly an honour to join the ranks of select leading institutions that share the same vision of a nationwide world-class standard in Human Resource and Organizational Development, emphasizing learning and development.

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