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Taking an Online Assessment from Profiles Asia Pacific

Online assessments are convenient, can be done from virtually anywhere, and provide quick results. Here is a quick guide on how to access our Online Assessment Portal. Make sure you use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. These browsers are compatible with our assessment portal, and you'll get the best usability from them. You can download the latest version of Firefox here. At the top left corner of our website,, is a button/tab that says [...]

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Employee Mobility and Talent Management Trends

The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) Luzon Summit sets the stage for the examination of key business developments and the resulting pressure that is placed on human resources and talent management. The 8th PMAP Luzon Summit focused on Global Mainstreaming of People Manager’s Competencies and Mobility. Globalization has been a great catalyst for the improvement of business systems and social relations. Efficient networks are no longer optional, but imperative to business success. This necessitates [...]

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What to Do If Employees Are Underperforming

Realizing that you have hired someone who is not fulfilling his or her responsibilities well is hard to accept, but it happens. It does not mean it’s time to cut any contracts short immediately, but the sooner an inefficient employee is investigated, the better. Waiting to see if employees get better on their own is a waste of time and company funds that could be going towards better training, direction, or finding someone who is [...]

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IMPHIL Sets ASEAN Integration Forum for Management Consultants

The game changing impact of forming a single market and production base involving 10 countries and 600 million people, with a combined GDP of $23 Trillion, warrants strategic preparedness and focused market positioning. The Institute of Management Consultants of the Philippines (IMPHIL) has embarked on a campaign to provide critical information to all management consultants in the country on the need to strengthen sectors they serve; and prepare themselves and their clients for unparalleled access [...]

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Building Relationships for Success in Sales

This workshop will introduce participants to the business of making friends, and the business of all sales professionals is building relationships. Strategic friendships will make or break any business, no matter what industry. Course Outline How to get people to like you Influences in forming relationships Building customer relationships Self-disclosure How to win friends and influence people Communication skills Sending the right non-verbal messages Managing mingling Networking effectively Developing an effective handshake Business card do’s [...]

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