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Entrepreneur tips: 5 Interesting reads for small business owners

Starting and running a business can be a constant challenge, which means you have to continually learn and improve in order to succeed. These 5 interesting reads for small business owners can help you learn new things about entrepreneur tips on time management, human resources, the psychology and stress and more. 1. I sat down with a millionaire who operates 10 businesses while sailing around the world with his family This blog post follows an anonymous businessman [...]

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Holiday Do’s and Don’ts for Small Businesses

The holidays are exciting but expensive for small businesses, whether you plan to throw a holiday party or give out the traditional 13th month's pay. Follow these simple do's and don'ts to avoid disaster and make the holidays enjoyable for everyone. DO Throw your holiday parties in the office, preferably a lunch that won't cut into employees' personal time. You could also choose to give them the rest of the day off afterwards as a [...]

Marketing Checklist for the Holidays

The "ber" months are notorious for being the busiest time of the year for businesses. Consumers are searching markets for presents and holiday bonuses, and the price wars rage as "sale" signs hang in every other window. With so much competition, here's a quick and easy checklist to follow to make sure your marketing team has everything ready for the last crucial stretch of December. Website Your website is your online ambassador, and can reach [...]

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