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Your HR manager should have these 5 competencies for success

HR managers are more than just hiring and firing – they are critical business leaders that should help to shape and drive your company’s future. Which also means that HR managers should have more than just a qualification – your HR manager should also have the competencies for success. The top HR manager competencies The

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5 Ways to Build Success Profiles

Success profiles can help your organization to improve hiring, leadership development, and role planning, giving you the tools to strategize who and why you hire and develop. However, the value of these success profiles often lies in their validity, relevance, and ability to adapt to the future, which means that the process of building success

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5 Tips to Improve Employee Assessment Practices

Employee assessment and performance reviews have been under fire for some time. Studies show that not only do people actively dislike performance reviews, they dread them, allowing them to interrupt real productivity and value delivery. At the same time, most experts agree the real problem isn’t performance reviews or employee assessment, it’s organizations using outdated

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How to Gauge Your HR Department’s Performance Quarterly

Investing in your workplace often means investing in HR so they have the resources to hire, train, and develop individuals to help the organization. Once you’ve made those investments, how do you ensure HR stays on track? How do you review HR’s performance? While there are numerous ways to track the efficacy and efficiency of

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How 3 Companies Use Psychometric Testing for Hiring

Psychometric testing is increasingly popular for organizations of all sizes, but it’s been an important part of recruitment and hiring for some time now. In fact, 75% of Times Top 100 companies use psychometric testing during recruitment. Psychometric testing is used to help recruiters make informed decisions about candidates, What is Psychometric Testing Psychometric testing

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