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Identifying Your Career Fit

Jobs are important; they help you survive day-to-day and provide a source of income. However, your career is a step beyond a simple job. Careers are the direction all of your efforts go towards. Choosing a career means choosing the professional skills you'll develop, the industry you'll be in and the type of jobs you accept. Discover your personal career fit to guide your search for the most suitable job for your skills, personality and [...]

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5 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses may not have as much funding or history as large conglomerations, but they can still level the social media playing field by managing their brand, being creative, targeting the right audiences and staying on track. Expand your online reach and build your followers with these social media tips for small businesses. Stay Consistent Consistency is vital in social media. Your messages should align with your business goals, mission and vision. Your messages should [...]

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3 Different Ways to Recruit Top Talent

In order to succeed, businesses must be able to recruit top talent and find the best and brightest in their fields. Below are a few different ways you can find your next star employees and stand out from the sea of employers trying to snag them. Colleges. Find your top talent early--look for the potential in them by offering internships, and if they succeed at your company you'll know you've found a great new hire [...]

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How to Define Your Target Audience in 4 Easy Steps

Even the most creative marketing campaigns will fall on deaf ears if you fail to target the correct audience for your concept. Learn to define your target audience with 4 easy steps. 1. Define the Problem You Solve Before you can define your target audience, you must define the purpose of your product. Understand exactly what problem (also known as a "pain point") your product or service solves and understand it innately. Some questions to [...]

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5 Leadership Tips from Successful Business Leaders

1. Be Data-Drive and Creative "Nowadays everyone wants to be data-driven. That’s great but your competitors will have the same data, so you’re all going to come to the same conclusion. That’s why you always have to infuse some element of creative thinking.” - David Silverstein, CEO and founder of Colorado-based consulting firm BMGI (via Entrepreneur) 2. Ask "Why?" The most awe-inspiring companies begin with a great leader who regularly asks herself “Why?” - Simon [...]

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