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5 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

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Small businesses may not have as much funding or history as large conglomerations, but they can still level the social media playing field by managing their brand, being creative, targeting the right audiences and staying on track. Expand your online reach and build your followers with these social media tips for small businesses.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is vital in social media. Your messages should align with your business goals, mission and vision. Your messages should also complement each other, not contradict. For example, if your business is taking a stance on a current issue, stick to that stance.

Maintaining consistent quality is also important for your social media profiles. Make sure your posts are all grammatically correct with no spelling errors. Keep your images consistently high-quality and make sure the thought process put into your posts are well-reasoned. It would look strange to your audiences if one day your posts are top-quality and the next they are riddled with bad grammar and poor judgement.

Define Target Audiences

Before you begin marketing, make sure you know whom you’re marketing to. Define your target audiences and create profiles in order to best serve them. These profiles should include which social media sites your audience spends the most time on, their likes, dislikes, motivations and behaviors. All this information will go into refining your messages to be more likable, memorable and relevant.

One way to refine your audience is to target local. Small businesses are extremely relatable on a local scale because your audience understands that you are focused on the local community. Try targeting local audiences to build up your social media following before expanding to large communities. For example, you can use social media to offer specials for individuals living in a certain zip code, or host a local community event.

Be Creative

Creativity will go a long way on social media. Creativity will help messages and campaigns stick in users’ minds and keeps your brand remarkable and memorable. Aim for extraordinary audiences. No one wants to be ordinary, so if you aim your campaign at ordinary people, you may end up connecting with nobody.

Utilize humor, creative messages, and extraordinary ideas to keep your social media pages fresh with interesting content that will keep your followers coming back for more and attract new audiences.

Send Authentic Messages

Social media users can pick up on posts that are just trying to sell a product or brand. In order to avoid being labeled as just another brand, send out authentic messages that reflect your brand instead of describing it. For example, if you sell running shoes, don’t post a picture of the shoes with a caption like “our new line features two different colors and styles.” Instead, post a picture of the shoes in action, with someone running up a mountain trail and the caption “taking you to new places with two new colors and styles.”

Sending authentic messages will help establish your brand and brand personality to your followers, without coming off as too sales-oriented.

Post Regularly

Different social media websites have different recommended posting times and frequencies, but all of them should be regularly active to keep the attention of your current followers and gain new ones.

According to a post on Quicksprout, the best times to post on Facebook are 1 and 3 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays. On Twitter, best days to post are weekends and Wednesdays at 12 p.m. or 5 to 6 p.m. and on LinkedIn the best days are Tuesday to Thursday are 7 to 8 a.m. or 5 to 6 p.m.

In addition to keeping your social media profiles active, make sure you don’t share too much on any of them. In platforms such as Twitter, it isn’t uncommon to post 5 or 6 times a day, but on Facebook and LinkedIn try to limit your posts to two a day.

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Use social media to generate holiday buzz around your brand

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The holidays are noisy, and not just in the bustling-city, crowded-shopping-mall sense of the word. Advertisements and sale signs hang in shop windows, brightly colored billboards and loud commercials scream at consumers to come buy gifts at this store, or that mall. Advertisements assault the senses, with visual ads plastered on almost every flat surface you can find, radio ads that play between songs, and even online ads on websites and in your inboxes. Retail is no joke during the holiday season, as different companies compete to get your attention, and end up drowning each other out with all the noise.

Billboards on Edsa HighwayImage from Rhouell Cariño, Flickr

So how can keep your company’s message from being lost in the holiday noise? By building personal, engaging and useful connections with consumers. You can do this with one of the most interactive marketing tools ever invented; social media.

Social media allows active conversation between a company and its audiences, something that traditional advertising lacked. Within a few minutes, a customer can tweet at a company, receive a response, and form a relationship with the brand. A negative review on Facebook can be commented on by a brand representative and the brand image could be saved. A social media brand manager can monitor what is being said about a company in real time, and respond!

It’s an exciting tool, and one that can be leveraged to make your company heard and felt during the busy holidays. Below are a few tips for using social media to generate holiday buzz about your company.

  • Show your fun side: create a holiday graphic, tell a joke, make your audience smile. Have your copywriter and graphic designer invest some time in a series of image posts for the holidays.
  • Have a competition: Getting fans engaged with a social media contest can earn your brand plenty of organic coverage. Ask your fans what their favorite thing about your brand is, and reward the answers with the most likes or shares.
  • Giveaways: Use the Christmas countdown to reward your fans. Make wishes come true everyday for the 12 days of Christmas and capture the results on your social media sites.
  • Share tips: Useful information is more welcome than hard sales. Make sure to time these tips well to give them the best chance of standing out. Check out the best times to post on different social media platforms.
  • Hashtags: Create a custom hashtag for all your social media campaigns. This will make it easier to track the results and to gain more reach, since anyone can look up the hashtags for all replies.

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Strategies to Measure and Utilize Your Social Media Presence

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By John Pick
Guest writer, Profiles Asia Pacific

Social media has taken the world by storm and has quickly become an essential networking and recruiting tool. For job and internship seekers, it’s important to keep up with the latest technology by learning how to use social media sites to your advantage.  For entrepreneurs and recruiters it’s important to determine which social media platform aligns with your objectives. For example, if you’re a business-to-business brand marketing an upcoming conference, you’ll want to consider LinkedIn.

#1: Engage in Social Media Listening

In this case, “listening” refers to the act of actually listening to your follower’s post rather than just shooting off posts of your own throughout all your social media networks. Listening is one of the most often overlooked uses of social media, yet it’s probably the most important. If you’re not listening to your customers, you’re missing the point of social media.

For example, Twitter provides powerful search tools that allows you filter through tweets about your company. These tweets come from people who are already customers or potential customers. Monitor their tweets on a daily basisEngage with them, answering their questions, adding value and helping them whenever possible.

Twitter is an amazing tool for providing real-time customer service. You can learn things like:

  • Exactly how many people you’re helping
  • If you’re growing that number of people
  • The issues customers are experiencing with your business
  • What’s broken in your business

#2: Create a Rating System for Your Social Engagements

This is a simple yet effective strategy to use when you’re trying to generate awareness and buzz. It’s a smart way to measure the response to your efforts on Facebook, Twitter or any other social channel you’re using.

The technique is a simple one. Using Facebook as an example, whenever you post an update on your page; whether it’s a photo of an upcoming product, or a status promoting an upcoming event, keep track of how many likes, comments and shares and assign a point value for each one.

Likes show support and comments indicate a deeper interest but shares are most valuable because they move the update beyond your page.

During a campaign, a quick sum of values will help you determine if your efforts on Facebook are moving you closer towards your goal or not.

#3: Use Your Social Media to Add Value, Then Sell and Measure

The strategy comes from providing great content that influences your client’s values before asking for the sale. Social Media provides great opportunities for you to accomplish this.

For example, say your restaurant is rolling out a new healthy menu. You develop various social media pages under systems such as Facebook and Twitter for posting pictures of your visually appealing dishes. However, these systems allow you to create content around the importance of healthy eating and curate information on your Facebook Page about farmers’ markets in your area. You can even reference blogs by other people outlining the importance of healthy food.

You offer this content to build trust with people.

Then offer a coupon for your restaurant on your Facebook Page. The number of people who claim and redeem your coupon is a result you can quantify.

For more information check out Rick Mulready’s article at http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/3-strategies-to-measure-your-social-media/

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Shameless Promotion

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