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Talent Management Challenges for Small Companies

Start-ups may experience a number of growing pains as they begin their ambitious ventures, and eventually develop into successful businesses. Below are some of the common mistakes to look out for if you are starting, or current running a small company. Hiring Right the First Time Making sure you hire the right person in the first place will save your company money, and, more importantly, time. If someone is placed in an ill-fitting [...]

Evaluating Employee Assessments in the Philippines

Assessments can range anywhere from a free IQ test you can take online to a scientific exam that measures participant answers based on a wealth of research and history. Below is an evaluative breakdown of how the best assessment tools function, as modeled by the ProfileXT exam. What makes an assessment thorough and reliable? Customizable – All companies, candidates and positions are unique. You shouldn’t be using one generalized test that overlooks the differences between [...]

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Web-Based Assessments and Recruitment: How Web Technology Can Lead to HR Success

The recruiting game is constantly changing, and knowing how to best use new and emerging technologies is the key these days to winning the game. Web and mobile technologies are great resources that can transform the recruiting process, especially when it comes to pre-employment assessments and interview screening. Replacing outdated assessment methods with web-based technologies can help you take your recruiting game to the next level. Here are a few examples of how recruiters can [...]

What Indispensable Employees Are Made Of

Identifying employees that will become indispensable to your company is an important skill for any manager to have. But how do you spot the employees who will become invaluable? This blog covers some of the most valuable characteristics to look for in employees, and why they’re important.

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