Public Seminar: Personal Financial Management

Learn how to set personal financial goals at a financial management public seminar. These two 4-hr workshops on April 18 and 25 will help participants understand the economic market today and outlook for 2015, have readily available Financial instruments for beginners, and match financial goals with the right financial product. The workshop will last from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.each day. Course Outline Setting Financial goals Philippine Market Overview and outlook for the rest of 2015 [...]

Public Seminar: Lean Management

On April 14 to 15, you can learn the basics of Lean Management with expert Mike Grogan. Profiles Asia Pacific and People Dynamics is hosting a public seminar on this leadership philosophy and practice for business improvement. This course is designed to give managers a practical introduction to Lean Management concepts that they can apply in their organization to generate improvement and results. Participants will learn how to build trust and respect, reduce your fear of cold calling, make a [...]

Public Seminar: Appreciating Project Management

Join the next installment of our Project Management Series in a two-day workshop from March 26 to 27. This public seminar will benefit anyone involved in projects – whether as project manager, project team member, planner or senior manager. This course provides an introduction to the concepts and approaches for managing projects with methods and tools. It focuses on project planning and control, including scheduling, application, project development, organizing, staffing and evaluation. Participants will define [...]

Public Seminar: Organization Development Series

Join us from March 19 to 20 for our two day workshop on Organization Development. This workshop will benefit human resources and organizational development practitioners, team leaders, external and internal consultants, planners and implementers of change who want to learn a leading-edge methodology for understanding and achieving optimal organizational development. Organization Development is a planned process of developing an organization to be more effective in accomplishing its desired goals. -Human Resources Management and Development Handbook [...]

Public Seminar: Leadership Skills for Supervisors

Join us on March 18 to learn about Communication, Coaching and Conflict Management in our Leadership Skills for Supervisors workshop series. Supervisors affect the productivity of their employees and must be able to effectively lead teams. Participants will learn ways to prioritize, plan, and manage time, identify their primary leadership styles, develop flexibility, learn to use other leadership styles, and different ways to turn conflict into a force for creative, well-rounded solutions. Participants will also [...]

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