employee assessments in the Philippines

Announcement: New Specialized Training Available

Profiles Asia Pacific already offers numerous selection assessments, but this month we are proud to announce a release of specialized training programs to our repertoire! The following assessments can be conducted online by participants as a prerequisite to their specialized training. The following are available as of August 2015. Please contact us for more information. Learning Profiles™ & Assessments Coaching Effectiveness Profile Communication Effectiveness Profile Creativity & Innovation Profile Customer Service Commitment Profile Diversity & [...]

Develop Your Workforce with Specialized In-House Training

Do you need to improve a specific competency in your business? Maybe your employees need help with their communication skills, teamwork, or leadership. Whatever you and your team needs, People Dynamics has specialty experts who can design a custom training program and equip your employees right in the office. Visit PeopleDynamics.co to learn more about training and employee solutions.

Leading the Next Generation

Things are rapidly changing in the way leaders manage their talent. The leadership style needed to guide the new generations filling our workforce is vastly different from the top-down model so many of us are used to. According to Dan Schwabel in an interview, millennials leave their jobs in two years, whereas Boomers leave in about seven years and Gen X leaves in five years. They value purpose more than a salary, and are willing [...]

Develop Your Workforce in 2015

2015 is going to be a big year for the Philippines. By the end of the year, we and all our ASEAN neighbors will be able to trade goods and services freely, which means increased competition, higher standards, and a freer flow of employees. In order to keep your workforce cohesive and up to the rapidly rising ASEAN standard, employers must develop their top talent and nurture their employees' professional development. Everything starts with a [...]

How to Manage Productive Teams

Image from "The Office" There is no magic key to unlocking team productivity. Great team cohesiveness comes from hard work, communication, and a dedicated leader. According to the Harvard Business Review, Gallup has found good managers motivate employees with a compelling mission and vision, drive outcomes despite of adversity and resistance, “create a culture of clear accountability,” and make decisions based on “productivity, not politics.” Managers play pivotal roles in a team’s success, [...]

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