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The must-have tech tools for distance learning

It’s become fairly common for learning to take place online. Many colleges offer online degree programs to allow students to further their education without the need to attend on-campus lectures. In 2018, approximately 3.25 million students were enrolled in distance education courses. Despite its rising popularity, distance learning can be difficult for both teachers and

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Career Guidance and Assessments in the Philippines

The Philippines have been developing at an incredibly fast pace in recent years, scoring well in the Human Development Index and uncovering new and exciting job opportunities for its residents. The country has a high employment rate of 95.5% and has a very well-developed Information Technology sector. With this in mind, it is logical to

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Best HR automation tools: a quick review

Human resource management involves many processes, from resume screening to actual hiring. While some of these processes demand human involvement, others can be easily automated or performed by a machine. The automation of certain HR processes eliminates mundane tasks and helps HR specialists focus on establishing a long-term relationship with candidates and employees. This, in

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5 Reasons all students should take career assessments

In today’s world, there is an incredible variety of occupations to choose from that needs a certain set of skills and knowledge. At the same time, such diversity can also cause confusion as people and especially students simply do not know where to start and what to choose. As the famous jam experiment states, the

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7 Ways Employers Can Reduce Stress In The Workplace

What are the Effects of Work Stress? Work-related stress occurs when an employee’s demands at work exceed how much they are able to cope with. Research shows that 83% of workers in the US suffer from work-related stress. If left untreated, work stress can have serious mental, physical and emotional effects for employees. The effects

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4 Best practices for running a remote team

Remote work can seem like a dream come true. No more 2-hour commute each day. No expensive parking or rail pass fees. Instead, you get the freedom to work the way that’s most productive for you. Running a remote team, however, can be hard. Because you don’t get to see your team every day, you

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How to use different assessments to optimize your workplace

You’ve probably heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder” before. Working smarter is beneficial to your business. New technologies and business strategies are making it easier than ever before to optimize your workplace and your workforce. Workforce optimization can be defined as a business strategy that utilizes key business performance metrics and insights in order

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How to use digital learning to increase employee engagement

In today’s society, technology is rapidly shifting. Interactions, experiences and businesses become more digitized with each passing day. Digital technologies have profoundly changed the ways we do business, buy, work and live. As a result, the landscape of education has undergone a digital transformation. You only need to look at the advancements in mobile phones

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