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How to Write a Cover Letter

Cover letters are what help you stand out in a job application. Resumes cover the skills an applicant needs for a job, and cover letters convey the candidate's fit. Here are a few tips that will show you how to write a cover letter, followed by some examples. Tips for Writing a Cover Letter Explain how you're going to do well in the job - talk about the company's pain points and explain how you [...]

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Innovating Dangerously

Innovating Dangerously with Bryan McClelland of Bambikes You may be familiar with the phrase "follow your passion to find your purpose." Much of the business advice we hear flows along those lines, but it's easier said than done. When you're young and enjoying yourself, it's easy to mistake interest for passion. That's the focus of Bryan McClelland of Bambike, who shares how he found his passion early in life and became a social entrepreneur instead of [...]

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Entrepreneur tips: 5 Interesting reads for small business owners

Starting and running a business can be a constant challenge, which means you have to continually learn and improve in order to succeed. These 5 interesting reads for small business owners can help you learn new things about entrepreneur tips on time management, human resources, the psychology and stress and more. 1. I sat down with a millionaire who operates 10 businesses while sailing around the world with his family This blog post follows an anonymous businessman [...]

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Checking References – Are They Worth the Time?

Checking references is a step often skipped in the recruiting process. After interviewing candidates, narrowing them down to a select few, and discussing possible salary and other specifics, many employers forgo the reference check. They either assume everything the candidate stated would check out fine, or they simply don’t have sufficient time to contact the references. But the tragic event earlier this year in the United States, in which a former news reporter shot his [...]

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Information session: USC Marshall School of Business

USC Marshall's GEMBA and IBEAR programs give a critical boost to managers and mid-career professionals on their way to the top. On Thursday, October 8 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. you can attend an information session for USC Marshall School of Business. An international MBA degree from USC’s prestigious Marshall School of Business can help take your career success to a new level. Join us for an information session about our Los Angeles-based one-year, full-time [...]

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