Develop These Employee Skills for Company Growth

Image taken from "Entrepreneurship Skills for Growth-Orientated Businesses" by Thomas M. Cooney The global market is expanding, thanks to new technologies that allow businesses to operate and communicate with teams in different locations. If your business isn't expanding with your market, you are losing potential customers. However, in order to expand successfully, companies must ensure their employees are equipped with the right set of skills. Essential Skills for Company Growth Skill: Communication How [...]

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Public Seminar: Building Relationships for Success in Sales

Join us on February 11, 2015 for another popular seminar in our Sales Optimizer Series! Discover how to develop strategic friendships in order for sales success. Participants will identify different sales techniques that can be applied across different industries, no matter the size of the company. This workshop is ideal for account managers, service representatives, sales professionals, consultants and financial advisors. Course Outline How to get people to like you Influences in forming [...]

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