Job fit

Assessing Career Satisfaction

Career satisfaction relies on whether your career meets your needs. The points below can help you determine how well your job accommodates your lifestyle and personality in key areas, such as beliefs, income, and interests. What to Consider About Your Career The money: Does your job pay enough to sustain a good lifestyle? Are you being paid the market rate? Development, training and education: Does your employer offer regular training and education opportunities? Do you [...]

Determining Job Fit

What is Job Fit? “Based on identifying innate personality traits, abilities, and behaviors, assessing for job fit determines if a person CAN do a job, HOW they will do a job, and if they will ENJOY the position…Job fit outlines the unique job-related qualities that make a person productive.” - Aoife Gorey, Profiles International Job fit, as its name implies, refers to how well an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, needs, experience, and interests fit the requirements [...]

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