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How flexible workspaces can help HR with employee retention

This is a guest post from Steven Sevilla, a Digital Marketing Associate at Weremote who enjoys writing useful content for readers to learn and enjoy. He has an ambition in building his career towards Content Writing, Copywriting, Content Marketing, and SEO. Hybrid and Flexible Remote Work has risen in popularity at the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic (2020), making it a new normal for the majority of workers and employees. Although it wasn't new for [...]

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How to write a performance improvement plan (PIP)

If an employee is consistently underperforming or breaching code of conduct or performance requirements in some other way, a performance improvement plan or “PIP” is one alternative to terminating their contract. Here, you create a sort of probationary phase, during which expectations of change are clearly communicated to the employee, a deadline is set, and change is monitored and managed. Performance improvement plans are usually designed to help employees reach their full potential, especially if [...]

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The psychology behind appreciation and acknowledgement for employee retention

What do your employee turnover numbers look like? Hiring top talent is great but retaining that talent will be far more beneficial to your business performance. If you wait until your employee hands in their resignation to find out how they feel about work, you are missing a valuable opportunity. You will miss the chance to keep a valued member of your team; and you will also miss the opportunity to identify and fix issues [...]

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What is a Blended Workforce and How Can It Help My Business?

While hiring has traditionally revolved around long-term contract hires, blended workforces are quickly becoming more popular. These workforces combine individuals with different types of contracts, bringing freelancers, part time workers, and traditional contracts together to create a more flexible and scalable workplace. This trend brings complexity to HR management and payrolling, but offers numerous advantages to businesses of all sizes. What is a Blended Workforce? Traditional hiring means hiring everyone with a fixed contract for [...]

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