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Public Seminar: Eliminate High Turnover with Career Counseling

Join us on February 12, 2019 for a 2-day public seminar to Eliminate High Turnover: Training on Career Counseling. One of the most crucial issues facing management is preserving employee commitment to company goals and objectives. It is important that you know and understands yourself and the world of work. Career counseling will guide and help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to make future career and life decisions. It helps you identify the [...]

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Using Data and Emotional Intelligence to Build Top Teams

Whether putting together a new team or rebuilding an existing one, the people you put into it are crucial in more ways than one. Good teams rely on a combination of factors to succeed, including a range of skills covering everything the team needs to achieve, adaptability, a sense of trust, and the ability to work well together. This often means choosing people who work in similar ways, who balance each other out, and who [...]

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Public Seminar: Future Fluent Leadership Module 1 – Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Please join us on February 8, 2019 for a public workshop on Future Fluent Leadership - Module 1: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership. If you are looking for a program that will impact your leadership with “real” behavioral changes, then this is for you! The clamor for Emotional Intelligence as a “must-have” competency to move forward by the year 2020 (according to the World Economic Forum) drives the relevance of this program. This program is a six (6) module [...]

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What is employee engagement and why is it critical for every company?

This is a guest post from Melisa Marzett. Melisa is a freelance employee currently working for She enjoys traveling, sports, cooking and swimming. Employee engagement implies a psychological state of workers in which they are interested in the success of the company where they work, and are willing to invest their time and energy in the common cause. Indicators of employee engagement are initiative, enthusiasm, desire to actively participate in the life of the team, [...]

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How to Recognize Employee Accomplishments

This is a guest post from Linda Ginac, founder and CEO of TalentGuard, a global provider of award-winning career pathing and talent management software. Inventive and driven, she is known throughout the industry for disrupting HR technology and is the inventor of the first commercially available career pathing software solution designed to optimize employee engagement and retention. Many HR departments around the world face the same challenge: effectively managing a diverse workforce. Part of the [...]

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