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Impact of Information Technology on Human Resource Management

This is a guest post from Asma Niaz. Asma is an Academic writer at Zoe Talent Solutions and loves to write stellar content on various educational topics, programs, trainings and courses. Zoetalentsolutions is a premium teaching division, which offers highly professional hr courses to excel at your workplace. Published 7/12/17. Edited 1/16/20. Nowadays, entrepreneurs with business acumen

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The pros and cons of working with freelancers in 2020

The Internet gives companies a wonderful opportunity to communicate with people all over the world. For business owners, it not only means a wider audience reach, but also a wider talent pool. Over the years, freelancing has been gaining popularity and has now become an integral part of the business environment. But is working with

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Why Businesses Trust Personality Testing (And You Should Too)

One of the most difficult elements of hiring is finding the right cultural fit for your organization. While a resume can be run through your applicant tracking system to identify keywords and ensure candidates have the required experiences and education for a position, zeroing in on who the person is and how they might play

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