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Use these tips to maximize your digital recruitment

This is a guest post from Aria Dillinger. Aria graduated with a degree in psychology and has worked as a recruiter for a contact center in the Philippines for four years. She is constantly looking for ways to streamline processes and access larger talent pools, and enjoys writing about her experiences in her spare time. Company recruitment strategies tend to look for a mix of talent and technical skills. However, preferences for talent and skill [...]

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HR Salary Overview: How much does a HR professional make in the Philippines?

There is a great need for talented human resource teams in the Philippines. Companies are constantly struggling to find talent, despite the growing population and thousands of Filipinos entering the workforce every year. HR professionals are responsible for making sure the company runs smoothly in the face of any adversary, such as internal conflict. They navigate complicated benefits and make sure everything is in smooty working order, so your employees can focus on their jobs. [...]

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Impact of Information Technology on Human Resource Management

This is a guest post from Asma Niaz. Asma is an Academic writer at Zoe Talent Solutions and loves to write stellar content on various educational topics, programs, trainings and courses. Zoetalentsolutions is a premium teaching division, which offers highly professional hr courses to excel at your workplace. Published 7/12/17. Edited 1/16/20. Nowadays, entrepreneurs with business acumen have acknowledged the power of information technology (IT) tools for reaching business targets. It not only helps achieve the business [...]

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The pros and cons of working with freelancers in 2020

The Internet gives companies a wonderful opportunity to communicate with people all over the world. For business owners, it not only means a wider audience reach, but also a wider talent pool. Over the years, freelancing has been gaining popularity and has now become an integral part of the business environment. But is working with freelancers recommendable? Are there any hidden stumbling blocks that you may not know about? Let’s take a look at the [...]

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Why Businesses Trust Personality Testing (And You Should Too)

One of the most difficult elements of hiring is finding the right cultural fit for your organization. While a resume can be run through your applicant tracking system to identify keywords and ensure candidates have the required experiences and education for a position, zeroing in on who the person is and how they might play into your organization's culture isn't quite so black and white. What if you could gain insight into the personality and [...]

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