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Recognizing Top Talent with Benchmarking and Performance Models

Recognizing your top employees allows you to improve your hiring and selection process, recognize which factors contribute to individual success, and train for those factors across your organization. However, recognizing what constitutes success can often be difficult, especially in large organizations where teams often succeed as a whole. Identifying top performers inside your organization means

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How to hire for loyalty

With the average cost of hiring a new employee ranging anywhere from USD$4,000 to USD$7,645 and beyond, it’s no surprise that hiring for loyalty is at the top of any HR department’s agenda. But how exactly do you hire for loyalty and, once you’ve hired who you think is a loyal employee, how do you

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Using Employee Assessment for Succession and Development

Employee assessments are typically performed on prospective candidates, during annual performance review, and any time when additional assessment is called for. Assessment can offer organizations valuable input with which to make decisions regarding recruitment, salary, bonuses, and retaining individuals. Employee assessment is also more often used for applications including personal development and succession planning. These

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Recruitment checklist: How to ensure seamless interviews and onboarding for all parties

Recruitment can be a loose cannon, with different hiring managers, agencies and team members involved. Sometimes your interview and onboarding process can be spot on – resulting in a long-serving and highly performing employee – and other times it can be a disaster, resulting in expensive recruitment costs with no returns. This checklist arms you

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The cost of recruitment – are you maximizing your ROI?

Recruitment is costly. Companies spend on average USD$4,000 on attracting and hiring a new employee – $4,000 that could be better spent elsewhere – especially if that new hire turns out to be a new disaster. Join us, as we take a look at the hidden costs of recruitment, and how you can maximize your

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What Makes a Top Employee? Utilizing Profiling and Performance for Hiring and Training

Whether you’re in a recruitment phase, working to develop internal employees, or attempting to upskill key elements of your workforce, it’s crucial to be able to identify individuals who can benefit from and excel in roles and during development. Job and success profiling, performance management, and employee assessment are key ways to do so, because

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