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Professional and Conflict-Free Employee Termination Strategies

Terminating an employee is never easy. Nobody enjoys the process but it is a necessary evil of business. If handled correctly, employee termination doesn’t need to result in conflict. There are steps that all HR professionals, business owners or managers should take when letting go of an employee. Preparation for a Termination Meeting You can’t

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Leadership Across Remote and Mixed Teams

Digital technology has enabled many new forms of work, but the ability to easily and efficiently work remotely is one of the most pressing. Individuals can choose to work remotely, as freelancers, or may work at home for several days out of the week, creating new and pressing complications for leaders. Maintaining a sense of

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The art and science of delegation: How to delegate work well

This is a guest post from Juliana Marulanda, Founder of ScaleTime. Are your small business efforts going in circles? Being an entrepreneur isn’t an easy-breezy, walk-in-the-park kind of profession. One day, you are the CEO. The next day, you are the marketer, finance manager, salesperson or hiring officer, and the list goes on. To say that

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Managing Difficult Team Members: 8 Strategies that Work

Team dynamics are often complicated and there are always one or two team members that are difficult to manage. Unfortunately, these people can bring down the entire team if the situation is not resolved. Fortunately, it’s not impossible to form a cohesive team, even with difficult personalities in the mix. Here are 8 strategies to

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