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How to handle conflict in the workplace

Nobody likes conflict in the workplace. It causes tension and hinders productivity. In very severe cases it can even be detrimental to the health of employees. But when you have a diverse group of people trying to work together, with different ways of doing things and different personalities, conflict is inevitable. How you deal with it is what counts. Every conflict may feel different, but when you get right down to it there are common [...]

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How to Effectively Match Employee’s Skill Sets With Job Roles

The success of your company relies on the skills of your employees. Putting the right person in the right job can be the difference between success and failure, not just for the employee but also for the project. Part of effective management is identifying your employee’s strengths, and weaknesses, and then assigning jobs and projects accordingly. Everyone has different skills. They excel at some things and fail at others. That is perfectly natural. The key [...]

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How to be a good leader during times of change

We are living in a world that is volatile, uncertain and, for many of us, almost unrecognizable from the one we grew up in. Things are constantly changing and effective change management leadership is essential for the success of any company. Good leaders are no longer dictators who tell their subordinates what to do and expect it to be done, without question. That’s old school. Now it is time to focus on change management and [...]

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