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5 Ways to Ensure Talent Retention During a Restructure

Restructuring is an often-necessary tool for organizations wishing to align with new or old goals by redefining their workforce. This can take the form of introducing new work methods such as agility, but also often involves merging and splitting teams to create a new and more dynamic company structure. While it’s necessary that you will

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How Important is Validation in HR Assessments and Tools?

Choosing and implementing an HR assessment tool is an important part of integrating any sort of competency framework or model, and an important step in improving your hiring process. HR assessments also play valuable roles inside organizations, ensuring that employees are performing well, helping with role validation, and working to ensure that potential leaders are

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3 Examples of How Company Culture Affected Talent Retention

Company culture describes who a company is at its core, ranging from behaviors to attitude towards employees and how employees complete work. It’s a company’s personality, integrating work environment, company values, ethics, expectations, and leadership. While it’s often under-valued in organizations, who may not work to create a specific company culture at all, culture is

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5 Ways to Have More Effective, Better Meetings

Meetings are an important and often necessary element of working in teams, but in many workplaces, they are dreaded, inefficient, and often not able to achieve intended goals. Creating structure and using tools like leadership and emotional intelligence to manage and improve meetings can improve team morale, boost total productivity, and improve communication cross teams

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How to retain employees using work/life balance perks

In today’s business landscape, companies are fighting for top talent. Skill shortages mean that it’s going to get harder and harder to find team members who perform well. Since it’s likely that a small percentage of your team are top performers who contribute the most, it becomes increasingly vital to retain and upskill your best

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7 ways to build a company that attracts top talent

The competition for top experts is getting more intense as global communications simplify international job searches, so companies have to work harder than ever to recruit the most talented individuals. To consistently attract high-value candidates, employers need to think strategically and apply proactive measures aimed at improving company image in the eyes of the public.

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5 Ways to Address a Performance Gap in Your Team

Skill and performance gaps crop up in every workplace. Jobs, technologies, and even demand change over time. When this happens, recognizing and working to fill performance gaps is crucial to maintaining results and productivity inside your team. In most cases, performance gaps are the direct result of missing skills inside your team. This could show

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Skills of the Future: 10 Skills You’ll Need to Thrive in 2020

This is a guest post from Jomel Alos. Jomel is a Consultant at Guthrie-Jensen Consultants. It’s not quite right to say that we live in a technological world now more than ever. Over time, technology has been the driving force in various fields such as business, education, medicine, and telecommunications to name a few. However, technology

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