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5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team: Producing a Synergistic Effect

Please join us on August 16 to 17 for a public seminar on the 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team: Producing a Synergistic Effect. This seminar-workshop will go over how to build a cohesive, effective team that gets better engagement and higher performance. Participants will be able to understand the self and others to create a

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Creating the Ideal Work Environment: Avoiding Conflicts

This is a guest post by James Lambka. James is an attorney at Wiener&Lambka. It’s been said that employees don’t quit jobs – they quit bosses. There’s a lot of truth in that, but quite a bit more to it, really. It might be more accurate to say that employees quit bad work environments, rather

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Emotional intelligence and teamwork: How EQ Helps You Get More from Your Team

Emotional intelligence, often dubbed EQ, is trending in leadership spaces. The 1994 book by David Goldman has gone on to affect nearly every aspect of how organizations choose and look for leaders. While it’s understood that management needs emotional intelligence, the same applies for teams. Actively working to promote and train EQ inside of teams

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Disruptive HR: Getting Ready for a More Dynamic Digital World

Please join us on July 27 for a public seminar on Disruptive HR: Getting Ready for a More Dynamic Digital World at the Golden Prince Hotel and Suites in Cebu. This half-day seminar is designed to keep HR professionals informed of the changing landscape of fundamental HR practices, in relation to the future of jobs. With so

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IQ is great, but EQ is more important for your career

A high IQ and technical skills are great to have, but surprisingly, STEM (science, technology, engineering, medicine) expertise is less important than soft skills when it comes to being a top employee at Google. Hiring departments have historically prioritized technical skills, such as the ability to code in Ruby on Rails, or an understanding of

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Competency-Based Training: Addressing Performance Gaps

Please join us July 26 to 27 for a public seminar on Competency-Based Training: Addressing Performance Gaps. Performance gaps need to be addressed before it hurts the team and impact organization’s credibility. Addressing and correcting a performance problem is one of the most important and difficult tasks. It is important to assess and consider contributing

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How to Apply Emotional Intelligence in Difficult Workplace Scenarios (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our series on applying emotional intelligence in difficult workplace scenarios. Part 1 covered unwarranted criticism and a lie from a colleague. Scenario 3: Two Colleagues Are Arguing, They Put You in the Middle Your department has been having a lot of problems and tensions are high. Two colleagues start an argument

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