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5 Tips to Craft Hiring Assessments

This is a guest post by Angela White. Angela is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing for the consumer market in the areas of product research and marketing using quizzes and surveys. Having a knack for writing and an editorial mindset, she is an expert researcher at ProProfs: a brand that’s known for creating delightfully smart tools such as Quiz Maker. Assessments are powerful procedures and tools used by organizations for hiring top talent. [...]

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Loss of leadership? Here’s how to handle business reorganization

Any business reorganization presents a tough challenge for HR. Employees are left disgruntled and often bitter, new roles must be filled, old employees must work in new ways, and many suffer from demotivation and guilt or anger. These problems are exacerbated when leadership roles are emptied by reorganization, through either restructuring organization, changing teams, or removing old leaders. Employees may be left feeling confused, unproductive, and unmotivated, all of which can dramatically hurt the company. [...]

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Job Evaluation: Creating an Efficient Pay Structure

Join us on April 18 to 19 for a 2-day seminar on Job Evaluation: Creating an Efficient Pay Structure. This course orients the participants on how to perform job analysis, with the end in view of crafting a competency-based job description. It follows a workshop style where participants will be conducting job interviews and eventually, writing the corresponding competency-based job descriptions. Register Now How employees perceive a fair and equitable workplace is important.  It is important that [...]

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