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5 Meeting types and which one is right for you

There are multiple different meeting types that range from the bizarre to the creative. We cover 5 common ones today and help you determine which are right for you and your team. In-office meeting This is the most common type of meeting. You have your team seated at a table in the office, perhaps in a special meeting or conference room, and you get through the agenda quickly and efficiently. The pros of this meeting [...]

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Lunch meetings: Are they a good idea?

Lunch meetings are a fairly popular casual meeting plan, but is that a good thing? If you're hosting the meeting, it's customary for you to provide lunch (especially if it's a mandatory meeting). Lunch meetings can get expensive if you have them regularly and invite entire teams out, but they can also be beneficial to team building and the company culture. Here are a few things you should consider before calling a lunch meeting. To [...]

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Happy Valentines! How to get candidates to fall in love with your job posting

Getting the right talent to apply to your company is the first step to hiring top talent. It's arguably the most important step. Here's how to get awesome applicants who are as excited about your job posting as you are. First, let's take a look at examples of an engaging job listing and a dull one. Compare the two, paying attention to language, details, and what the postings say. What are some things that make one [...]

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6 Ways to stay healthy and productive this flu season

Sniffles, coughs, and sneezes abound. Hearing those familiar, unwelcome sounds indicates the start of yet another flu season. If you hear plenty of the sniffles around your office, here's how to avoid getting sick. If you already caught something, we also include some tips on how to get work done through it. 1. Load up on vitamins Making sure your body is equipped with nutrients and vitamins needed to maintain a healthy immune system is [...]

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