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New Year Resolution Resources

It’s easy to make New Year resolutions, but hard to keep them. That’s why we’ve put together this list of New Year Resolution resources from around the web to help you stay strong and reach your goals. New Year Resolutions: 40 Apps to Help You Achieve Them! Here’s a collection of 40 apps that help

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New Management: How to Manage Change

Understanding how to manage change is vital to running a company, especially if you are a new manager and still getting acclimated. This blog will cover several strategies to make the transition easier for you and your new team. Do your research New jobs are all hard and require a good onboarding process. However, when

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From Silicon Valley to Capitol Hill: 4 External Factors that Affect HR

The world of Human Resources is in a constant state of flux: new company policies, new employees, new recruiting tactics, new organizational goals–the list goes on. Sometimes the changes that affect HR come from the outside. These external influences can upset established practices and require quick changes to allow the organization to continue operating smoothly.

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A Unique Gift Idea

This holiday season, instead of giving materials why not try giving the gift of knowledge? This unique gift idea focuses on our scientifically backed assessments, which have many uses and make excellent, if not unheard of, gifts. Many of the assessments can be taken online with quick results, and could help shape the future careers

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Public Seminar: Motivating Your Workforce

Once the holiday season is over and the parties are finished, it will be important to get your workforce motivated to get back to work and do their jobs well. This public seminar on January 13 is the perfect way to do so. Reserve now and you won’t have to worry about it over the

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Your Holiday Marketing Checklist

Are you ready for the upcoming holiday season? Many companies begin preparing for the festivities months in advance, but it’s never too late to leverage the time we have left in 2015. This holiday marketing checklist will help you get up to speed during the last few weeks of the winter holidays. Notify last minute

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