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Doing HR for the first time? Here’s what to look out for

Being in HR for the first time is especially challenging, because HR is responsible for the well-being of every other department. If you’re just starting out and looking for ways to make a meaningful contribution, here are some tips for HR beginners. Get to know your team These are the people you’ll be working with,

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3 Surprising Ways Mobile Communication is Improving HR

A staggering 97 percent of Americans text at least once a day, and that kind of smartphone attachment means that it’s easier than ever to reach people whenever you want and wherever they happen to be. Our society is on the move and to be efficient, our human resources departments have to start moving too.

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Pre-Screen Employees to Make the Right Choice the First Time

When you pre-screen employees before hiring them, you’re investing time and effort to avoid wasting time and money later on. Every bad hire costs you and your team resources. Here’s how you can use pre-screening to hire right the first time. Keep interviews simple Your interviews should get to the heart of what you need

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Public Seminar: Strategic Innovation through Critical Thinking

From January 25 to 26, we’ll be hosting our popular two-day workshop on Strategic Innovation through Critical Thinking. This seminar is for business leaders, CEOs who want to re-evaluate their corporate strategy and enhance their thinking processes to achieve better results in business. People and businesses aim to be the best in what they do.

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Public Seminar: Establishing Integrity and Accountability in the Workplace

Join us for a one-day workshop on January 20, 2017 to learn about Establishing Integrity and Accountability in the Workplace. This course will be useful for anyone who wants to have a solid reputation as an ethical and accountable employee. Employees recklessly act but refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Why do we spend

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Public Seminar: Retaining Workforce through Positive Motivation

Join us from January 17 to 18 for a workshop on Retaining Workforce through Positive Motivation. Anyone with a direct report can benefit from being able to effectively motivate people. It’s no secret. Employees who feel they are valued and recognized for the work they do are more motivated, responsible, and productive. This is a

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How to Hire Your Top Performers This Year

The success of a business relies on having a good team at your back. When you can delegate and rely on talented professionals, you’ll be able to grow your business well and sustainably. If you want to take things slow, here’s a plan you can follow to hire your top performers this year. Month-by-month plan

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Public Seminar: Interviewing Techniques That Work

Join us from January 12 to 13, 2017 and start the new year right by learning interviewing techniques that work. This two-day workshop concentrates on the pre-interview preparation; developing questions and their value; the interview techniques that get specific, behavior-based examples of past performance; and the strategies that follow through on this process. This workshop

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3 Things to Start Your New Business Year Right

As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017, we welcome an entirely new year of opportunities and challenges. Businesses usually implement their strategies and plans annually, with tactics and goals broken down into quarters. Here are 3 actionable tips and resources to help you, your business, and your team start 2017 on the right

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