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Doing HR for the first time? Here’s what to look out for

Being in HR for the first time is especially challenging, because HR is responsible for the well-being of every other department. If you're just starting out and looking for ways to make a meaningful contribution, here are some tips for HR beginners. Get to know your team These are the people you'll be working with, relying on, and reporting to. As a newbie in HR, you should see your team as your allies. They can [...]

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Pre-Screen Employees to Make the Right Choice the First Time

When you pre-screen employees before hiring them, you're investing time and effort to avoid wasting time and money later on. Every bad hire costs you and your team resources. Here's how you can use pre-screening to hire right the first time. Keep interviews simple Your interviews should get to the heart of what you need quickly. Pay attention to how they handle hard questions, the language they use, and whether or not they shift blame. [...]

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