Strategic Talent Management: Place the Right People in the Right Roles

In today’s increasingly complex business environment, wherein innovation and agility are crucial to business sustainability, having the right people in the right roles is essential to survival. A targeted talent selection strategy requires the use of a reliable and valid talent screening tool.

The use of the PXT as a talent screening tool spans more than ten years. During this time, more than 3.3 million PXT administrations to job applicants and incumbents have occurred. As a total person screening tool, the PXT evaluates a person’s behavioral traits, interests, and cognitive abilities (thinking style). These three areas of assessment are used to identify characteristics that can lead to a better fit between person and job.

This session will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of strategic talent management, incorporating the use of PXT assessment to enhance recruitment and selection processes.

You will leave this program with actionable insights on how PXT can be used to elevate organizations to new heights by placing the right people in the right roles and cultivating long-term success.