Managing Employee Performance

managing employee performance

Managing Employee Performance

Employee performance is a hot topic for many employers, but what is the secret to success?

Many factors contribute to employee performance, including:

  • Capability
  • Job fit
  • Goals and accountabilities
  • Relationship with manager
  • Relationship with coworkers
  • Health and wellness issues
  • Physical and environmental factors


Learn more about Managing Employee Performance

Motivating Employees
Motivating employees can be one of your biggest challenges as an employer. Constant pressure to increase productivity, profitability, and revenue growth can often overshadow the importance of how an unengaged workforce can negatively affect corporate performance.

Workforce Engagement
Our labor force is changing, and working people are less motivated, want less responsibility, are less educated, and are widely diverse in age, background, and lifestyle. At the same time, organizations are struggling with hiring and retaining qualified workers.

Employee Performance
Employee performance solutions from Profiles International provide a world-class system for developing, measuring, and aligning individual goals with the strategic priorities of your organization.

Reduce Absenteeism
Never stop your hunt for high-quality outside hires. You should always be on the lookout for the very best people you can find, regardless of whether they are internal or external recruits.

Key Performance Indicators
Profiles International captures and describes individual employee key performance indicators to help your employees and teams excel.

Employee Productivity
Drive the overall performance of your organization by coaching employees to develop the skills they need to be better at what they do.

Manager-Employee Communication
A manager can significantly impact workforce development and employee performance.


To learn more about Profiles Asia Pacific’s employment assessment solutions that help organizations manage employee performance, please contact us.

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