Job Matching

job matching

Job Matching

An individual’s core competencies are determined by two groups of factors:

  1. Skills, Knowledge, and Technical Qualifications
  2. Behavioral Characteristics, Personality Attributes, and Individual Aptitudes


Although traditional hiring has focused primarily on evaluating a candidate’s skills and technical qualifications, a competency-based approach includes an analysis of a candidate’s behavioral characteristics as well. Competency-based hiring is grounded in the identification of core competencies required for success and the subsequent evaluation of each candidate’s demonstration of those competencies in their past experiences.

Benefits of Job Matching

  • Minimize hiring mistakes
  • Identify strengths and limitations
  • Target developmental needs
  • Improve job satisfaction and productivity
  • Reduce conflict and absenteeism


Learn more about Job Matching

Job Matching
The majority of hiring and placement decisions are made by managers or executives who have “gut feelings” about people. Yet, often those placements lead to impulse hiring, unforeseen training costs, and high turnover rates.

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In your hiring experience you have probably hired some excellent employees and some who failed. Did you use the same employee screening method to hire for multiple positions?

Hiring Top Employees
Hiring top-performing employees may be one of the most valuable activities you can do for your business.


Profiles Asia Pacific provides job matching solutions that can help you hire the right person for the right job. To learn more, please contact us.

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