Client Support Services

Profiles Asia Pacific has one of the most dynamic client support team in the industry. Our client support team is comprised of licensed psychometricians who are active members of the Psychological Association of the Philippines. Our team is committed to the success of your organization, from solution implementation to assessing your organization’s most valuable resources as well as training, coaching, and measuring results.

Every Profiles client is assigned a dedicated client service professional that will guide you through every aspect of bringing your assessment solution to life in your organization.

Consulting Services provides:

  • Design and Integration
  • Selection System Design and Integration
  • Performance Management System Design and Integration
  • Management Development System Design and Integration
  • Leadership Development System Design and Integration
  • Succession Planning Process Design and Integration
  • Assessment and Consultation
  • Team Development Analysis and Consultation
  • Situational Analysis Consulting with Recommendations and Action Plans
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Communications Style Training (PPI & PXT)
  • Conflict Management Training (WorkForce Compatibility)
  • Team-building Retreats


To learn more about Profiles Asia Pacific’s employment assessment products, including employment testing, pre-employment screening, performance evaluations, talent management systems and more, please contact us.

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