Profiles Performance Indicator™

profiles performance indicator

Assessment Overview

PROFILES PERFORMANCE INDICATOR™ is a DISC personality-style employee performance test. The employee performance report this test provides can be used to manage employee performance in order to make every employee more valuable and productive. The reports help you understand how an individual can be understood, motivated, and managed so that you can improve job performance.

The PROFILES PERFORMANCE INDICATOR™ also provides recommendations for improving employee performance. Recommendations include: how to respond to job-related stress, frustration and conflict; how to stimulate employee motivation; how to conduct effective performance appraisal; and how to determine whether the employee is internally motivated or will need external stimulation.


The PROFILES PERFORMANCE INDICATOR™ is used to understand employees’ behavioral characteristics and to use this knowledge to increase performance of employees.


  • Productivity
  • Quality of work
  • Initiative
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Response to stress and conflict
  • Employee performance development

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Types & Uses of Reports

products_small_ profiles performance indicator _management-report02

Management Report
Useful to the manager.
Provides the manager with insights that will help him lead, coach, and motivate the employee.

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Technical Specs
Time to Take:
Less than 15 minutes

Online or pencil/paper

Results Turnaround:

products_small_ profiles performance indicator _personal-report

Personal Report
Useful to the employee.
Provides the employee with a guide for self-improvement and illustrates the employee’s behavioral tendencies.

products_small_ profiles performance indicator _graphic-summary

Graphic Summary
Useful to the organizational leaders. Useful for the manager to show the employee.
Provides an illustration of the five categories measured.

products_small_ profiles performance indicator _team-analysis-report

Profiles Team Analysis

Used by the manager for team development
Helps managers form teams, anticipate problems, and better lead teams.


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