Monthly Archives: January 2023

How employer branding can boost recruitment success

One of the biggest challenges for employers is attracting top talent and differentiating themselves from the competition. When job seekers begin hunting for new roles, they might search for things like “best companies in XYZ city” or “top companies in the XYZ industry.” Why? Because reputation is everything. What is employer branding? Employer branding is

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How to incorporate skills tests throughout the employee life cycle

Skills and competency tests are becoming increasingly essential during the hiring process. But for many organizations, they also deliver value through the full employee life cycle. Assessments can help HR determine everything from role placement to skills gaps, while guiding personal and leadership development. In addition, assessments measure the efficacy of skills development, assist with

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Stop asking these 7 interview questions (and what to ask instead)

Interviews and insightful interview questions can help you gauge a person’s cultural fit in your organization and whether their experience or expertise reflects what was listed in their resume or CV. However, only if you pose the correct inquiries. When you ask the right questions during interviews, you gain valuable, relevant information about candidates that

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