Please join us on April 24 to 25 for a 2-day workshop on Scale Construction and Development. This workshop focuses on the application of knowledge pertaining to the basics of psychological test development. Specifically, an overview of testing, ethics, and the 5 phases of test development will be tackled through interactive lecture and hands-on experience.

By the end of this workshop, participants are expected to demonstrate skills in documentary analysis, item construction, item analysis, and item revision.

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Program Accreditation No.: 2018-027-250
Program CPD Credits: 14 credit units

Course Outline

  • Session 1: Overview of Testing and Why We Need It
  • Session 2: Ethical Considerations in Testing
  • Session 3: Test Conceptualization
  • Session 4: Test Construction
  • Session 5: Test Tryout
  • Session 6: Item Analysis
  • Session 7: Test Revision
  • Session 8: Test Standardization and Norming
  • Session 9: Review: General Steps in Test Development
  • Session 10: Actual Case Presentations

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The fee for this course is P8,500 plus VAT.

About the Facilitators

Dr. Mariel Kristine T. Rubia is a licensed psychologist practicing in human resources for more than 10 years. She completed her Master of Arts major in Industrial Psychology (cum laude) and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (magna cum laude) at the University of Santo Tomas. Dr. Rubia has practical experience in developing employee training and education programs. She has extensive experience in end to end recruitment. She is also adept in training and development and labor relations.

As Research and Development Director of Profiles Asia Pacific/People Dynamics, Dr. Rubia has contributed her extensive knowledge in test development with the application of psychological principles. She is also a Certified Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Certified Assessment Psychologist, Certified Clinical Psychologist, and Certified Hypnotherapist. Business clients rely on her to develop, validate and standardize industry tests tailored to their organizational needs.

A contributor to international journals, her research on the “Development of a Crime-Related Shame and Guilt Scale for Prisoners in the Philippine Context” was published in the Journal of Forensic Psychology. She has also presented on qualitative research on depression at the St. Scholastica’s College Manila. She regularly participates in seminar workshops on testing and scale development abroad. She recently developed the Work Motivational Intensity Scale (WMIS) as well as the Profiles Ethics Oriented Personality Assessment (PEOPA) which is continuously being improved.

An educator for over ten years, Dr. Rubia serves as Assistant Professor at the De La Salle University-Manila. For private practice, Dr. Rubia is a partner and Clinical Psychologist at M.E. Rubia Psychological Assessment and Legal Consultancy and is a practicing Forensic Psychologist with a specialization in annulment cases.

Ms. Byrel Mae Vergara is a licensed psychometrician. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree at Miriam College where she worked on the “Construction and Validation of Panukat ng Delicadeza (PnD) as her undergraduate thesis. She has presented the PnD scale in various symposiums and conferences. She was a presenter for the 14th Annual Stanford Undergraduate Psychological Conference in Palo Alto, California and the 8th Consortium for Women’s Colleges Psychology Undergraduate Research Forum in Assumption College, Makati. Byrel has facilitated workshops on competency-based assessment, and seminars on career talk.

Byrel received Psi Awards from Miriam College for an excellent performance in Experimental Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Psychological Statistic. She also participated in the Psychology Department Quiz Bee.

Byrel Mae has attended several trainings and seminars regarding test development and statistical treatment. She currently works as a Research and Development Officer at Profiles Asia Pacific. Some of her recent projects for the company include scale development on Business Ethics and continuous improvement of the Profiles Ethics Oriented Personality Assessment (PEOPA) together with Dr. Rubia. Byrel Mae is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Santo Tomas.

Mr. Eon Bacalan is a Research and Development Officer engaged in the practice of psychological scale construction at Profiles Asia Pacific. He is a licensed psychometrician specializing in statistical data analysis in test development and research settings. His projects include Abstract Reasoning Assessment and Profiles Job Match Assessment and overseeing the further improvement of the Profiles Competency Assessment. Eon has facilitated several workshops on scale construction and mental health awareness.

Eon is one of the first top-notchers to hail from Far Eastern University, ranking 8th in the July 2015 Psychometrician Licensure Examination. He was FEU’s Quiz Bee Champion. He competed and won in the PAPJA National Quiz Challenge for two consecutive years.

Currently, he is finishing his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Santo Tomas and is developing a scale on Filipino Histrionic Personality for his graduate thesis. He is a board lecturer at the Mega Minds Psychology Review Center specializing in personality theory, psychological assessment, and professional ethics. He also does consultancy work for academic research, statistics, and psychometrics.

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