Join us on April 18 to 19 for a 2-day seminar on Job Evaluation: Creating an Efficient Pay Structure. This course orients the participants on how to perform job analysis, with the end in view of crafting a competency-based job description. It follows a workshop style where participants will be conducting job interviews and eventually, writing the corresponding competency-based job descriptions.

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How employees perceive a fair and equitable workplace is important.  It is important that employees understand the process for determining pay and promotional opportunities.

Job evaluation helps create an efficient pay system.  It is a systematic way of determining value/worth of a job in relation to other jobs in organization to establish a rational pay structure.

It involves assessment of the relative worth of various jobs through factual information about the jobs concerned on the basis of a consistent set of job and personal factors, such as qualifications and skills required.

Essentially Job Evaluation aims to increase employee satisfaction and engagement through an equitable and efficient compensation system.

Course Outline

  • What Is Job Evaluation?
  • Features of Job Evaluation
  • Purpose of Job Evaluation
  • When is Job Evaluation Done?
  • Job Evaluation Committee
  • Job Evaluation Requests
  • Benefits of Job Evaluation
  • Compensation Management: Addressing Equity Issues
  • The Job Evaluation Process
  • Factors Considered in Job Evaluation
  • Methods for Evaluating Jobs
  • Ranking Method (Steps in job ranking; Sample of Ranking;  Merits and Demerits of of Ranking Method)
  • Job Classification (Sample of Job Classification)
  • Point Method (Designing a Point Plan;  Steps in Point Method)
  • Hay Method (Hay System Factors)
  • Job Structure: Relative Value of Jobs
  • Job Evaluation
  • Pay Structure: Putting It All Together
  • Pay Rates
  • Pay grades
  • Pay Ranges
  • Job Evaluation Form
  • Job Evaluation Sample

The investment for this course is P7,000 plus VAT.

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About the Facilitator

Dr. Maria Vida G. Caparas is a Wiley-Certified Everything DISC Trainer and a licensed Psychologist.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude in her Ph.D. Psychology at UST.  She also obtained a Diploma in Public Management from UP Diliman as a government scholar.

Dr. Caparas is an Accredited Trainer of the Philippine Government with extensive and invaluable services in both government and corporate offices. She served as Vice President of HR in New San Jose Builders, Inc. In GMA Network, Inc., she wrote for Kapuso Magazine as Managing Editor. She also became the Dean of the Graduate School at the Manila Central University.

Currently, aside from serving as a Consultant for Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc., she teaches part-time in UST and De La Salle University.  She has authored four books in Psychology and Human Resource Management. Already a fulfilled academician and HR and OD practitioner, she has received a number of awards and recognition.

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