Critical Thinking

Join a Critical Thinking: Competency and Action seminar on April 23 and 24 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and learn how to clearly reason through problems and present arguments in logical, compelling ways.

In today’s society, many people experience information overload. We are bombarded with messages to believe various ideas, purchase things, support causes, and lead our lifestyle in a particular way. How do you know what to believe? How do you separate the truth from the myths? The answer lies in critical thinking skills, which have become key for survival in today’s world. This two-day workshop will give you some practical tools and hands-on experience with critical thinking and problem solving.

Participants will define critical and non-critical thinking, identify your critical thinking style(s), including areas of strength and improvement, describe other thinking styles, including left/right brain thinking and whole-brain thinking, work through the critical thinking process to build or analyze arguments, develop and evaluate explanations, improve key critical thinking skills, use analytical thought systems and creative thinking techniques and prepare and present powerful arguments.

This course is encouraged for professionals who want to enhance their thinking processes to achieve better results in business and individuals who desire to develop critical thinking and problem solving as a core competency.

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Course Outline

  • Understanding critical thinking
  • Where do other types of thinking fit in? (including whole-brain and left and right brain)
  • Pitfalls to reasoned decision making
  • The critical thinking process
  • A critical thinker’s skill set
  • Creating explanations
  • Dealing with assumptions
  • Common sense
  • Critical and creative thought systems
  • Hands-on case studies

The course fee for this seminar is P8,500 and includes instruction by an expert facilitator, small group workshops that provide “active learning” which is known to be the most effective method for adult learners, a specialized student workbook, a free eBook on Thinking Skills: Using Your Brain in the Information Age, a personalized certificate of participation, snacks and lunch, and a complimentary Profiles Critical Thinking, Logic, Comprehension and Perception Assessment (CTA). This assessment provides raw scores and percentile ranking for each of the areas measured.

Areas Covered by Your Free Assessment

  • Evaluative, analytic and inferential reasoning
  • Deductive and inductive reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • Reasoning and comprehension

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About the Facilitator

Dr. Maria Vida G. Caparas holds a Master’s Degree and Ph.D., Summa Cum Laude, in Psychology. She is an Accredited Trainer of the Philippine Government with invaluable experiences in Organizational Development as a Human Resource, Training and OD practitioner. She authored three books on Psychology/HR Management and was a Trainer Delegate of DFA-Foreign Service Institute in Italy and Singapore in 1999-2000. Dr. Caparas is a recipient of various national awards and also a professor in prestigious universities.

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