HR practitioners, administrative officers, training and OD consultants, office managers and business owners have one thing in common. They need to manage and lead people. Human resources play a vital role in finding and managing your human capital. With such large responsibilities, it is no surprise that companies should prioritize training in the art of people management.

The upcoming seminar, “Gain a Competitive HR Advantage,” will assist companies and individuals with discovering the right people to place in the right job, equipping them with the necessary competencies, challenging their potentials to the optimum level of performance, recognizing their significant contributions and maintaining a harmonious work environment. The session will take place February 27 to 28, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This training program allows you to realize the vital role of the Human Resources as a strategic partner of the corporate entity in achieving its goals. You will tackle the essentials of HR and gain a comprehensive understanding of the process. With emphasis on people management approach, participants will be equipped with advanced skills necessary in achieving effective HR management.

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