Professor Hans Lenhard from Universität Kassel in Germany is partnering with Gestalt Institute Manila, Profiles Asia Pacific, Mantalou International Institute and UP Diliman to bring you a series of valuable educational workshops rooted in Gestalt psychology.

Gestalt psychology looks at the human mind and behavior as a whole, claiming that the brain sees things as a whole. For example, most people would view the image below as a triangle, instead of a random assortment of lines and curves.

There are a number of reasons you should train and develop the key individuals within your organization holistically. Executive and employee development, both mentally and physically, encourages better work performance, higher efficiency and comprehensively healthy human capital.

The four workshops offered in the Philippines will teach self-awareness, principles of work, agnostic levels, basic philosophies and communication forms using Gestalt tools.

Successful Stress Management
February 14 to 16
Fee: PHP8,200

A HPD-Gestalt Health Workshop
February 21 to 23
Fee: PHP8,200

Get Into the Shoes of a Coach
March 14 to 16
Fee: PHP9,200

Managing Yourself, Others and Company Structures
March 21 to 23

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About the Professor

Professor Hans Lenhard’s prime objective is to improve the performance of organizations through the personal development of leaders and executives. As an industrial psychologist, he has spent the last 30 years developing the personal awareness and choice-making capacity of individuals in industry, health care and education. He applies the insights he has drawn from gestalt and social psychology to increase the confidence, insight and self-knowledge of his learning partners. His intensive studies in group dynamics and gestalt-work have also been applied to the development of robust teams in multinational corporations.

His special interest in multicultural interaction has led him to establish special initiatives in Germany, Greece, France and the Philippines. These programs enable participants to explore, appreciate and bridge cultural differences. His varied background also includes a talent in the visual arts which he employs to assist participants in unlocking inner knowledge and give access to their creative potentials.

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