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Benefits of a strong HR team: How HR improves internal and external communications

Every business should have their own HR department to conduct hiring, interviews, discuss bonuses and compensation, and more. However, since the work of HR isn’t always tangible or visible, many might overlook the importance of having an HR team. A professional HR team has a big impact on the company’s growth and internal and external

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Nature or Nurture: The Effect of Workplace Culture on Employee Personality Traits

Businesses today understand personality – including soft skills like empathy, attention to detail, and conscientiousness – vastly impact an individual’s performance, productivity, and ability to work well in teams. Many organizations spend vast sums on assessing those personality traits, organizing them, and utilizing them in recruitment, leadership, and development programs. But, for many, establishing desirable

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How to use social media to recruit candidates

For the majority of people, social media implies Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – several most popular platforms these days. And, because they are mostly intended for entertainment purposes, many people do not understand how it is possible to find a perfect candidate somewhere in the Twitter thread about dogs. However, there are other platforms that

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How AR and VR can help you onboard and train employees

Training and onboarding employees can be time-consuming and complex, but it’s a vital process for your company’s overall success. If employees understand and share company values, know their responsibilities, and can adapt to various situations, this brings a positive impact on work results. While HR specialists do their best to optimize the onboarding and training

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4 Essential Personality Tests for Strategic Recruitment

It’s likely your company will already have screening measures in place when hiring new candidates. Screening for factors such as work history, educational background, drug use and criminal background are routine recruitment practice across many organizations. But what about personality? How does your company ensure the candidate your hiring is the best fit the role,

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