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How to demonstrate social leadership as a company

Social leadership brings people together, focusing on individuals while building interpersonal relationships, and breaks down silos to help people work together across groups towards unified organizational goals. While that sounds simple enough, it’s often difficult to define on an organizational level, because the steps and processes you take to get there depend on your organization,

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Happy Holidays!

This amazing year would not have been possible without you, our valued followers and fans. Thank you for your continued support, and have an excellent holiday season! See you in 2018.

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5 Simple office holiday party ideas

Planning a get together for the team? Each team is unique, and would appreciate different types of holiday gatherings. Take a look at some office holiday party ideas you can draw inspiration from. Fun themed parties This is a fan favorite. Most offices like to have different themed parties each year, to mix things up

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Why positive engagement is vital for employees

Most modern businesses understand the benefit of creating a positive work-space, resulting in an influx of solutions like flex hours, on-the-job perks, and company outings. But, while happy employees are significantly different from engaged employees, many organizations leave employee engagement as an afterthought or don’t pursue it at all. Despite that, positive engagement is one

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Why social leadership is important to your top employees

Good leadership builds employees up, drives them, and makes them better at what they do. Your top employees, who are likely self-motivated, driven, and ambitious, know this. Good leaders are an essential part of any business, and social leadership is one form of defined good leadership – centering around bringing employees together, breaking down silos

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What is a social leader?

Having social leaders is crucial to building social leaderships. This means that the managers, supervisors, and leaders in your business need to understand the importance and how to practice being a social leader. This can be difficult to develop and easier to hire for, but often requires leveraging existing leadership and retraining them. Social leaders

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What is social leadership?

Businesses are changing, and often from the inside out. With factors like technology and social media changing how we connect and interact, globalization changing culture on a local and worldwide level, and generational changes – how and why we work is in a constant state of flux. Social leadership, as coined by Esade professor Jaume

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