Monthly Archives: February 2014

Balanced Scorecard Basics

A balanced scorecard is a tool used to measure the intangible assets of a company. It is an organized, traceable method to transform strategy into action by harmonizing all aspects of a business to meet common goals.

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Learning the 4Bs of Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition has become the heavy artillery in the war for talent. In the ultra-competitive world in which we live, organizations with the right people in the right jobs at the right time stand to win big.

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Use Social Media to Find Good Candidates

Social media can be a job seeker’s best friend… Or their worst enemy. By analyzing a candidate’s social media behavior, potential employers can see the claims in a resume enforced or refuted.

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Assessing Candidates Who Aren’t Good Test-Takers

Many job seekers fear interviews because there are a spectrum of different “right” answers that change with each company.

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How to Hold a Professional Assessment

Assessments are important for new hires, old employees, and managerial level positions.

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Ideal Traits for Different Levels of a Company

Don’t match a person to a position; match a personality type to a role.

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