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HR Challenges in a global workforce

This is a guest post from Sheetal Kamble, content analyst of the Technology Counter. Sheetal likes to simplify complex HR and payroll processes. Her forte is in employee engagement initiatives and how to choose the best HR software to suit your business. Organizations today are a part of a global village with evolving technology. There is a vast paradigm shift in the way we work, interact, and perceive.  It pushes the HR department to expand [...]

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Which industries should be investing in HR assessments during the pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world of business, turning industries worldwide on their heads. Industries that were booming in 2019 came to a sudden halt in 2020, while other industries have experienced unprecedented growth during the COVID-19 crisis. These rapid changes caused by the Coronavirus pandemic have highlighted the necessity for rigorous HR practices. During this time, both fast-growing and slow-growing industries have experienced unique challenges that have impacted employee wellbeing and performance. One [...]

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