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How job classification can help you structure your company

Job classification is an important part of the HR process, not only because it allows you to recognize and describe job roles, but also because classification can be essential to organizational structure. Most job classification systems evaluate job components to determine their relevance and relative value, both comparative to other similar roles outside the organization,

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A Grand Product Launch: Join us as we unveil 4 new products

In 1998, companies were wasting time with traditional pen-and-paper methods to screen their applicants. We wanted to change things and disrupt how time consuming and inaccurate candidate assessments were. Almost 20 years later, we’re considered the leader and pioneer in online assessments in the Philippines. And we’re still growign! Join us December 12 at The

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Are you classifying jobs correctly?

Job classification is a crucial part of the hiring process, and one that plays into hiring qualified employees, setting pay rates, and organizing company structure. However, job classification is also an area where mistakes are easy to make – simply because defining roles is often difficult. In many organizations, even existing employees may not be

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What to do if your job description isn’t getting any applicants

The average online job listing receives more than 250 applicants. While half or so are typically irrelevant, most recruiters have an overwhelming number of applicants to choose from. But, what happens when you don’t? If your job description isn’t getting any applicants, chances are that the problem lies in the description, not the job. By

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What is emotional intelligence?

Whereas IQ refers to how intelligence quotient and logical reasoning skills, EQ (otherwise known as emotional intelligence) refers to emotional quotient and how well an individual can assess and control their own and others’ emotions. EQ is a critical success factor for leadership and organizations, and is more than twice as predictive of performance than

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How to handle job profiling in a startup

Job profiling is one of the most crucial steps to finding and hiring qualified candidates who fit into the company and who can be happy there. This typically means using developed company culture – which most startups do not have. Job profiles are also most often developed alongside existing employees, who are familiar with the

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(Winning the) Talent Revolution: Shaping the Future of Work

Please join us on November 23 in Cebu for our public seminar on (Winning the) Talent Revolution: Shaping the Future of Work. This all-day workshop runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at St. Mark Hotel, and is ideal for hiring managers, HR professionals, and department heads. Register Now As Jim Collins mentioned in his

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