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Run a future-proof business with strategic planning

Strategic planning is something that every business should do to prepare for their long-term success. By planning out your goals, having the correct processes in place from the beginning, using the right software, and investing in training, you’ll be able to plan and prepare for the future. How prepare for the future with strategic planning Here

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How to use strategic planning to prepare for success

Strategic planning is crucial for organizations on every level…as long as you want to build a sustainable business that does well. Planning and preparing for the future is a best practice, so you can plan out your resources accordingly. Here are a few ways you can use strategic planning in your company. Keys to strategic

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How to plan employee growth trajectory

Opportunities for growth in a job are almost equally important as salary to employees, according to a Walters People survey. That means if you want to keep your best employees, you need to provide them with an employee growth trajectory that utilizes their skills and talents, and continues to challenge them. If you want to attract

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How to give insightful manager feedback in your company

Managers are used to giving feedback to better their teams, but the best managers also know how to receive feedback to improve themselves. Your managers need regular feedback as much as their teams to ensure the business runs smoothly. However, some team members understandably find it difficult to rate their managers. Luckily, Google’s Re:Work provides

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Public Seminar: Filipino Values Going Global

Join us on July 20, 2017 from 1 to 5 p.m. for a public seminar on Filipino Values Towards the Culture of Service Excellence. Filipino values are endemic to us as individuals, and as a nation. How do these fare in the global environment? Course Outline Pinoy Ako Where are we now? SIKAT ITO What

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How do you handle international holiday schedules?

Typically a company only has to follow the local holiday schedule, unless their main clients are in another country (such as a BPO). However, in today’s globalizing workforce, teams are usually made up of multiple nationalities representing different religions and beliefs. With so many different cultures represented, setting holiday schedules can get complicated, but here are

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