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Behavioral Event Interviewing

Are you prepared for your next interview? Whether you are the interviewer or interviewee, pre-interview preparation is vital to getting the job and candidate you truly want. Some of the most difficult interview situations come unexpectedly, such as when you interview a disagreeable candidate, or discovering that the references provided were not professional. It is

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Earth Hour 2014

In support of international movements to help promote a sustainable world, we encourage you to take part in the upcoming Earth Hour 2014 on March 29. In our previous post, we covered World Water Day, focusing on the lack of access to clean water, and the vital tie between water and energy. Earth Hour, which started

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Customer Service Training

Developing good customer service skills will help businesses in any industry, and individuals in any walk of life. Understanding the basics of good customer service means understanding how to conduct yourself around people. Customer service representatives, technical and support personnel, field service representatives, small business owners, account managers and salespeople all benefit from learning the

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World Water Day

World Water Day 2014 will be on March 22. Water is arguably the world’s most valuable resource. Humans, plants and animals need it to survive. However, the ‘bottom billion’ who live in slums and impoverished areas must struggle to survive without access to clean, drinkable water. This inequity leaves billions without adequate sanitation, sufficient food

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The Value of Learning Seminars

It is easier to build on people’s strengths than to correct their weaknesses. – Malcolm Pick, National Director of Profiles Asia Pacific Learning seminars are important for employees of all levels. It provides opportunity for continual growth, allows you to learn more about a specialized topic, and in most cases provides a deeper understanding of

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Hire Out or Promote Within?

There are pros and cons to each hiring technique, so employers and human resource managers need to carefully consider what they need before deciding on one applicant pool or another.

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Defining “Human Capital”

Human resource departments should begin considering current and potential employees in terms of human capital. Education cannot stop when someone is hired; companies need to continuously grow and improve their human capital by seeking good candidates and continually training current employees.

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Hire Someone You Would Work For

Hiring one candidate over another is a tough decision. When there are multiple skilled candidates whose qualifications fit the job requirements, how does a HR manager decide who to hire? Hire someone you would want to work for.

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