Monthly Archives: January 2014

592nd PMAP General Membership Meeting and Annual Induction Ceremony

Distinguishing the important role of people managers in the ASEAN integration, The Honorable Jose S. Brillantes, Undersecretary for Special and Oceans Concern of the Department of Foreign Affairs recently inducted Individual Member Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez, FPM as 2014 President of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP).

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Picking A Good Candidate

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of an individual is vital in choosing a candidate who fits the position.

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Balancing Work and Personal Life

Balancing work and personal life keeps you productive at work and happy in life.

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Defining “Quality of Life”

Quality of Life and Standard of Living are not synonymous phrases, and should never be mistaken as such. Find out why your mentality matters when you consider the definition of “Quality of Life”

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Improving Employee Efficiency

Employee efficiency should be a priority for every company.

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Using Power in the Workplace

It’s important for leaders in the organization to understand what type of power they’re using.

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Be Happier: 10 Things to Stop Doing Right Now

Happiness–in your business life and your personal life–is often a matter of subtraction, not addition.

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