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Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. to hold its 1st Talent Assessment and Development Conference

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By Jabrielle Vincee Delfin
Marketing Associate, Profiles Asia Pacific

The leader in online assessments in the country, Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. will hold its first ever international conference in the country entitled “ITADC: International Talent Assessment and Development Conference”.

In collaboration with Profiles International, the conference aims to help organizations provide positive, sustainable solutions to the most pressing issues in the workforce, and help take talent management to the next level. As a leader in providing up to par HR solutions, Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. gives importance to the development of talents by bringing their passion, expertise and resources and commitment to greatly contribute to each organization.

The Talent Assessment and Development Conference features two days of presentations focused on renewing individual and organizational vitality and preparing for the future of recruitment with topics such as Filipino benchmarking, career planning, building a competency framework and creating a coaching culture. One of the highlights of the said event is the certification training. At these sessions, clients receive in-depth training that outlines all elements of the science behind assessments. Attendees learn how to use the products for maximum impact in their own organizations for activities such as benchmarking positions within the company and training and developing their employees.

The conference boasts noted industry experts, both local and foreign. Senior-level HR executives from some of the country’s most prominent organizations and industries are expected to gather for this year’s event.

Taking place December 4-6, 2013 at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City this year’s conference is designed to give attendees a more in-depth educational experience to help bring new ideas and plans to the attendees’ organizations.

Take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity and be part of history; for more details visit the event website http://www.profilesinternational.ph/itadc

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Profiles Asia Pacific launches HR SMART

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By Yvonne Manzi
Social Media Officer, Profiles Asia Pacific

On the 27th of February 2013 Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. launched HR Smart, the first unified talent management system in the Philippines.

HR Smart is a global HR solution company that is used to support a user base. Today it has over 13,000 clients in 30 countries and its core product is its unified talent suite.

HR Smart avoids the lengthy and less-coherent implementation of integrated solutions. The key features of talent management are applicant tracking, performance management, learning management, career development. The unified suite does all four of these in one central database. For example, as soon as a person is hired and thus moved from ‘applicant tracking’ to ‘performance management’, the information is retained automatically.

An integrated solution, on the other hand, is disparate; “you still have your 4 major applicant trackings… but in an integrated solution the data is usually housed in different databases for each module, and that causes the end user to have to have additional implementation to write feeds back and forth between these databases as they install additional modules” said Tom McKeown, global VP of sales for HR smart.

This is an important addition to the Philippine business world, as human resources are one of the key factors in the success of a company. Malcolm Pick, National Director at Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. said that this “advanced talent management system will allow local HR departments to get into the 21st century.”

Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. is the only licensed provider of HR Smart for Manila and Luzon.

Watch this video from Profiles International, to learn about Integrated Talent Management OR you can have a look at the HR Smart website.

For information call Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. at +63 637 8770 or e-mail us at  info@profilesinternational.ph

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Shameless Promotion

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Hello to all our fellow HR professionals.

We would like to take this opportunity to shamelessly promote our content. So we kindly ask you to have a look below and connect with us through our social media platforms!

This way you can always be up-to-date, and you can be notified whenever we have updates for you.

There’s an option for everyone’s preference!

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