Pre-screening Employees

pre-screening employees

Pre-screening Employees

Careful pre-employment screening can drastically decrease the number of inappropriate individuals that end up on the payroll. Drug screening and background checks often weed out the worst of these applicants, enabling companies to avoid many of the worst hiring mistakes. The most difficult of unsuitable applicants to avoid hiring aren’t the drug addicts or those with criminal backgrounds. Often sneaking by even the most astute hiring managers are applicants that lack the skills necessary to complete the tasks associated with their job titles.

Benefits of Effective Pre-Employment Screening

  • Reduce hiring mistakes
  • Accelerate the hiring process
  • Improve hiring precision
  • Minimize cost of theft, violence and absenteeism


Learn more about Pre-employment Screening

Simplify the Interview
Novice and experienced interviewers are sometimes unsure of the best questions to ask candidates in an interview. While sample interview questions can help, having specific questions to ask a particular candidate makes the process even more effective.

Screen Your Employees
All reputable background screening companies get their information from the same sources. Those of us not simply matching a name against a database are sending court runners to the courthouses to secure information. What, then, separates one from the others?

Reduce Business Losses
Employees steal in many ways. While some take money and property, other forms of employee theft may take more subtle forms such as wasting time, taking unauthorized time off, Internet surfing, or punching a time clock for another employee.

Recruitment and Staffing
To find the best talent, smart companies are taking every possible opportunity to interview job seekers. Whether you utilize in-house recruitment personnel or outsource to a recruitment agency, the results are typically hit or miss.

Improve Hiring and Screening
From your experience, you know you have hired some excellent employees and some who have failed. Now take a moment and think back. Did you use the same pre-employment screening method to hire both?

Look Beyond the Resume
Companies want people who fit their work culture. Several elements must be considered, including the candidate’s personality, work style, goals, and skill set.

Loss Prevention
Of all the reasons that businesses fail in today’s market, challenges such as competition, financial mismanagement, leadership failure, and disconnection from consumers are sure to top the list. A less commonly recognized factor is the costly challenge of managing theft.

Criminal Background Checks
Profiles Asia Pacific offers pre-employment screening assessments to help you prevent or stop employee theft by hiring honest, dependable employees.

Job Interview Questions
The interviewing process can be a legal and practical nightmare if not approached carefully. A seemingly innocuous interview question may actually be inappropriate or even illegal, and may culminate in a costly discrimination lawsuit. Such a situation can easily be avoided by using appropriate job interview questions.

Minimize Risk
To protect your company and minimize risk, Profiles Asia Pacific offers a two-step system to ensure you minimize the risk of making a bad hire.


To learn more about Profiles Asia Pacific’s employment assessment solutions that help organizations conduct pre-employment screening, please contact us.

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