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Public Seminar: Sales Optimizer Series

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Learn how to prospect for leads like a pro in our next Sales Optimizer Series on March 13! This workshop will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is ideal for account managers, service representatives, sales professionals, consultants and financial advisors. It covers topics such as essential networking skills and building a daily prospecting plan to ensure future business success.

Participants will understand the importance of expanding a client base through effective prospecting, learn how to use a prospect board, identify target markets and target companies with the 80/20 rule in mind, develop and practice networking skills at every opportunity, and develop, refine, and execute the art of cold calling.

Course Outline

  • The importance of prospecting
  • Targeting your market
  • Your customer profile
  • Making the most of trade shows
  • Setting goals
  • Networking
  • The 80/20 rule
  • Developing and using a prospect board
  • Warming up cold calls
  • Public speaking
  • Regaining lost accounts
  • Going above and beyond

The workshop fee is P8,500 + VAT, and includes all course materials, instruction by an expert facilitator, a specialized student workbook, a personalized certificate of completion, snacks and lunch, and a complimentary Profiles Sales Assessment.

The Profiles Sales Assessment is a unique tool from Profiles Asia Pacific that measures how well a person fits specific sales jobs in your organization. It is used primarily for selecting, on-boarding and managing sales people and account managers. The “job modeling” feature of the PSA is unique and can be customized by company, sales position, department, manager, geography, or any combination of these factors. It also predicts on-the-job performance in seven critical sales behaviors: prospecting, call reluctance, closing the sale, self starting, teamwork, building and maintaining relationships, and compensation preference.

About the Facilitator

Dr. Maria Vida G. Caparas holds a Master’s Degree and Ph.D., Summa Cum Laude, in Psychology. She is an Accredited Trainer of the Philippine Government with invaluable experiences in Organizational Development as a Human Resource, Training and OD practitioner. She authored three books on Psychology/HR Management and was a Trainer Delegate of DFA-Foreign Service Institute in Italy and Singapore in 1999-2000. Dr. Caparas is a recipient of various national awards and also a professor in prestigious universities.

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Sales Training: Selling Smarter

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It’s no secret that selling has changed in recent years. We are all working harder, with more responsibilities. High pressure selling is no longer effective. Customers want involvement. They want to be recognized and listened to. And they don’t want you to forget them once the sale is made. Two key objectives of this one-day workshop are to help employees feel more comfortable and skilled in selling to their customers, and to help them identify and address some of their customer service challenges.

Workshop participants will learn to use goal-setting techniques as a way to focus on what you want to accomplish and develop strategies for getting there. The workshop will teach different types of selling for different situations, different ways to identify clients and network effectively, and ways to recognize the difference between features and benefits of products and services. Participants will also learn to identify and be able to better present the competitive strengths of products and services, in order to be proactive in handling objections and more successful at asking for the business.

Course Outline

  • Essential selling skills
  • What is selling?
  • Features and benefits
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Time management tips
  • Customer service
  • Types of selling
  • Ten major mistakes
  • Finding new clients
  • Selling price

The workshop includes a complimentary Profiles Sales Assessment, used for selecting and motivating sales people in order to maximize and increase sales performance. The sales assessment enables you to evaluate an individual based on the qualities required to perform successfully. It also predicts on-the-job performance in seven critical sales behaviors: prospecting, call reluctance, closing the sale, self-starting, working with a team, building and maintaining relationships, and compensation preference.

This workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Leonardo Garcia Jr. Dr. Garcia holds a Master’s Degree in Communication and Doctoral Degree in Business Administration. He also took up an advanced course on Advanced Marketing Management Program. He is an Agora Awardee for Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Education and a Certified Professional Marketer. He is also an Accredited Marketing Educator and a professorial lecturer in several universities. Dr. Garcia is the past President of Phil., Marketing Association and the past President of the Association of Marketing Educators.

The course fee is 3,500PHP + tax and includes small group workshops that provide “active learning” (known to be most effective for adult learners), a specialized student workbook, personalized certificate of participation, free eBook, snacks and lunch.

Register or find out more online at ProfilesAsiaPacific.com or contact Kristy at 635.0016 or kristy@peopledynamics.co.

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