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Beware These Motivation Killers in the Office

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Motivation Killers in the Office

Motivation killers in the office can lower productivity, employee satisfaction, the quality of your product or service, and your ability to attract top talent. Keep an eye out for these motivation killers that could keeping your business and talent from peak performance.

Inadequate Tools

If you are asking your employees to do a job, give them the tools to do it well. This means having good office equipment, a clean space to work, access to a restroom and whatever else they need to perform. For example, if you hire a graphic designer, provide image editing software and a computer with plenty of memory.

Poor Communication

Not understanding what you’re supposed to do can be a huge motivation killer in the office. Poor communication leads to misunderstandings, oversights, duplicate work and overall decreased productivity. Being able to communicate effectively and efficiently is the mark of a good leader and the backbone of a functioning office. Make sure your teams understand what they’re supposed to be doing and why.

No Learning and Development Opportunities

Show your employees that you are as invested in their development as they are in the company growth. Motivate employees by offering them a chance to learn how to do their jobs better and further their careers. Since businesses and industries are always changing, it’s also important to train your teams to stay on top of trends, new developments, and discoveries.

Lack of Positive Reinforcement

Praise is a powerful motivator, and a great way to show employees what you expect. Instead of getting angry when an employee does something wrong, offer praise when he or she does something right. This not only teaches your workforce about high standards, but shows them that their best efforts don’t go unnoticed.

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Vertical Management

Vertical management refers to a top to bottom management style that leaves little to no room for collaboration. Top management makes the decisions that their employees have no choice but to carry out. With this type of leadership style, it’s hard for employees to invest themselves at work because their insights and ideas aren’t valued.

Be on the lookout for these motivation killers in the office, and make sure they don’t stop your employees from getting work done efficiently and effectively.

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