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Creative Productivity Practices for the Office

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Keeping potted plants in the office helps productivity!

Offices are wonderful tools of productivity, and excellent places for employees to gather and share thoughts. However, there are times when an office gets dull, lowering productivity levels and hindering work. Combat boredom in the office with some of these creative practices, and encourage employee productivity by keeping them engaged.

Focus on results, instead of time. Different employees are productive at different times of the day. There are those who work best in the morning, while others work better in the evening. Likewise, there are times when employees may need to go home early or arrive a little late. Focusing on the number of hours in the office instead of productivity will create unhappy, pressured employees.

Reward productivity. Provide diverse rewards for output, such as a parking spot for the top performing employee and free lunch once a month to anyone who brings in a new client. Offering rewards for productivity is a great way to keep employees motivated, and can also be a great way to meet measurable goals.

Introduce a little bit of nature. Having potted plants not only livens up an office, but also provides better air quality and up to a 12 percent increase in productivity, according to a study from Washington State University. Let plenty of sunlight into the office to help indoor plants thrive and provide a natural source of light.

Add a lounge. Provide a space in the office where employees can get work done in an environment other than their desks. Sometimes, a change of scenery is needed to help inspire new ideas, and sometimes working in a new space can help employees get away from their daily routines to focus completely on a new project.

The suggestions above are easily implementable in almost any office, and increasing productivity could be as easy as buying a few potted plants! Try one or all of these creative practices and let us know what results you saw in the comments.

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