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Wiley (formerly Inscape Publishing) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of instrument development, validity and application through careful research and development processes. DiSC instruments and team assessments offer valid scores and accurate feedback to the respondent to enable behavioral changes by the participant.

Research and rigorous validation studies by Wiley for DiSC psychometric assessments, allow you to confidently use in business, non-profit, coaching or personal situations. Research reports are publicly available by clicking on the topic of interest from the selection below.


Psychological instruments are used to measure abstract qualities that you can’t touch or see, like intelligence, dominance, or honesty.

Simply put, if an instrument is indeed useful, it should meet a variety of different standards that have been established by the scientific community throughout the years. Validation is the process through which researchers assess the quality of a psychological instrument by testing the tool against these different standards.

Validation asks two fundamental questions:

  1. Is the tool reliable? Is the measurement consistent. If the results from a tool contain a lot of random variation, it will be deemed less reliable.
  2. Is the tool valid? Researchers ask if an instrument measures accurately. The more that a tool measures what it proposes to measure, the more valid the tool is.


Thus, a valid tool is always reliable…. BUT a reliable tool may be measuring the wrong factor… i.e. is not valid.

Note that no psychometric tool is perfectly reliable or perfectly valid. All psychological instruments are subject to various sources of error. Reliability and validity are matters of degree on continuous scales, rather than reliable/unreliable and valid/invalid on dichotomous scales. Consequently, it is more appropriate to ask, “How reliable is this tool?” rather than “Is this tool reliable?”


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